Bose Ultra Earbuds: Comfort, Sound Quality, Noise Cancellation

Bose Ultra Earbuds
Bose Ultra Earbuds

The NEW Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds, known for their spatial audio and world-class noise cancellation, have garnered considerable attention in the market.

After testing various wireless earbuds, I found that the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Earbuds excelled in comfort and sound quality. The comfort wings provided a snug fit, while the noise cancellation features allowed me to immerse myself in my music without any distractions. The different listening modes, especially the “Aware” mode, provided a unique and enjoyable listening experience. The long-lasting battery life was also a standout feature that ensured uninterrupted use throughout the day.

Immersive Listening Experience


The NEW Bose QC Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds offer a truly immersive listening experience with Spatial Audio technology. This feature places the audio directly in front of you, creating a sense of depth and realism in your music like never before. Feel like you’re right in the middle of your favorite songs with these innovative earbuds.

Customized Sound Experience

With CustomTune technology, these earbuds analyze each ear individually to adapt the sound specifically for you. This results in a premium listening experience tailored to your unique hearing profile. Enjoy world-class noise cancellation that is personalized for your ears, enhancing the quality of your music and audio content.

All-Day Comfort

The Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Earbuds come with nine soft eartips and stability bands, allowing you to find the perfect fit for comfortable, extended listening sessions. Experiment with different sizes to discover the ideal combination that feels snug and secure in your ears. Say goodbye to discomfort during long hours of wearing earbuds.

Versatile Listening Modes


Switch between three different listening modes to suit your needs. Focus on your music with world-class noise cancellation in Quiet Mode, stay aware of your surroundings with Aware Mode, and immerse yourself in full noise cancellation and Bose Immersive Audio using Immersion Mode. Enjoy the flexibility to adapt your listening experience to different environments.

Long-Lasting Battery Life


These Bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds offer up to 6 hours of listening time, with an additional 2 hours with just a 20-minute charge. Enjoy extended playtime without constantly worrying about recharging. The long-lasting battery ensures you can enjoy your music for longer periods without interruptions.

Clear Calls and Easy Controls


The noise-rejecting microphones in the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds filter out background noise for crystal-clear calls. Easily adjust the volume, skip songs, switch modes, and answer calls with intuitive touch controls. Stay connected and in control of your audio experience with these convenient features.

Customizable Fit for Optimal Comfort

Experiment with different eartip and stability band sizes to find your optimal fit for a gentle seal and stable experience. Mix and match the sizes to create a comfortable and secure fit that stays in place, even during active movements. Achieve a personalized and comfortable wearing experience with the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Earbuds.

Enhanced Sound Quality

Experience top-of-the-line sound quality with the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds. Immerse yourself in rich, deep audio with customizable tone adjustments through the companion app. Enjoy superior sound clarity and detail in your music, podcasts, and calls with these premium earbuds.

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