DUVOSS Bluetooth Speaker, 0.65” Ultra Thin Portable Magnetic Speakers

Bluetooth Speaker, 0.65'' Ultra Thin Portable Magnetic Speakers
Bluetooth Speaker, 0.65'' Ultra Thin Portable Magnetic Speakers


Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to DUVOSS, which is a pocket big size wireless speaker that makes HD lossless quality sound. Whether you’re at the beach, are going up and down, and even when you’re just running, you can still access your favorite songs without the hassle of using headphones. DUVOSS is the next-level project for music enthusiasts. DUVOSS is a state-of-the-art sound system fitted with high-performance stereo components. But its small, and low weight also its processing power. Make sure you be a part of this spectacular show by finding the tickets for yourself only.

The DUVOSS features a distinctive clip on its top that allows you to place it on your backpack, tent or a tree even. A speaker can be placed by you decisively to get the best output sound. As an example, DUVOSS allows you to enjoy music even when you aren’t home and it adds a touch of fun in your outdoor life.



The DUVOSS speaker has a clever feature: powerful front magnetic hangers that enable you to hang it whatever your liking. It can be in a car, railing, or lamp post, practically wherever you place it on DUVOSS. The magnets are pretty strong, so you don’t need to fear that DUVOSS wont be attached firmly or it may drop or shake off without warning. With DUVOSS, you’d be able to enjoy music while sitting, lying down, or squatting.

The DUVOSS speaker also has excellent audio decoding and processing capabilities that ensure high fidelity sound output. It captures the depth of bass and the brightness of treble with precision. It lets you hear the truest expression of music.

The DUVOSS speaker makes it easy for you to enjoy great music in seconds. It has a new NFC function that lets you connect your phone with a simple touch. No need to turn on Bluetooth, search for names, or pair devices. Just power on the DUVOSS speaker, touch it with your phone, and play your favorite tunes.

Traditional connection: enable the audio switch → search for the Bluetooth of the cell phone → find the item being looked for → link the Bluetooth up → start playing a song.

DUVOSS connection: tap → audio → then strum your favourite tune.


The DUVOSS speaker is easy to use and has a straightforward design. Everything is controlled by a single button (power on/switch music). Our intention is to make listening to music hassle-free for you. All you have to do to connect to Bluetooth and play music with DUVOSS is press and hold the button. There are no challenging options or procedures to be concerned about. It takes little time to get into the realm of music.

The DUVOSS speaker has a special feature: TWS mode. This mode automatically splits two DUVOSS devices into left and right channels when you turn them on at the same time. This enhances the sound quality and gives you an amazing stereo sound effect.

The DUVOSS speaker has a durable shell made of plastic and aluminum alloy. The plastic is soft and warm, which absorbs the shock of dropping, while the aluminum alloy is strong and tough, which protects the internal parts. The DUVOSS speaker has a double layer of protection that makes it resistant to damage from falling.

Brand DUVOSS belongs to the group of companies Duvoss Tech Grouo Ltd., which is a member of the IEC Group. Engagement is one of our core expertise and we customize video and audio technologies that power live events, support entertainment, and deliver in workspaces. We are partners with such tech giants at spanning he globe as HUAWEI, Xiaomi, Lenovo and DELL providing the class cutting-edge merchandises like Bluetooth headphones and ultra-thin speaker. A multifaceted group of true professionals from different spheres of life united by a common desire to fulfill their dream in full is a team we operate with. Our first market of portable speakers went viral all over the world and, we are gladly to announce our second generation, which is compact, lightweight and magnetic as well. Now you have a privilege to switch on the music you enjoy anywhere, whenever with DUVOSS.

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