Kitchen Mama Orbit One Can Opener: Your Ultimate Culinary Ally

Kitchen Mama One-To-Go Electric Can Opener
Kitchen Mama One-To-Go Electric Can Opener


Cooking Mama started out with the straightforward goal of encouraging people to love cooking because she thinks that gathering around the dinner table to share food can unite people. We find significance in cooking for our loved ones and ourselves. We created cutting-edge kitchen appliances that are simple to use and painless to handle because we love to cook and want everyone to be able to enjoy meals together.

The “Automatic Can Opener” is a game-changer, allowing us to continue cooking despite weak hands or arthritis. Today, we continue to pursue our passion for cooking with easy innovative kitchen products. Our mission remains: to help people enjoy cooking easily and to connect with loved ones through the joy of cooking.


After we collected customer input from all around the world, the two most requested features of our all-time best seller were the ability to open larger-sized cans with ease and the switch to rechargeable batteries, which meant fewer frequent battery changes. After considering these insightful suggestions, we spent a whole year developing and renovating the Kitchen Mama Can Opener. Presenting Orbit One, the improved model for this year. This improved model has a rechargeable battery for extra convenience and comes with two types of blades that fit all can sizes.


It gets really simple. With only a single button press, Kitchen Mama Orbit One saves both time and energy. We developed this model lightweight so that everyone may use it comfortably, even children and the elderly. Cooking at home may continue to be easy and enjoyable—the more the better!

Our Kitchen Mama Orbit One has it all, the benefits of an easy, fast, adaptable and eco-friendly kitchen helper that saves your time and strength on making a meal – from the simplest cans to the most complex recipes. Kitchen Mama makes sure EVERYONE can do it!



When you turn on Orbit One, it hardly comes into touch with food, making cooking safer, cleaner, and more convenient. Orbit One rotates in full circles and removes the lid in a single, seamless motion simply by positioning the blades along the edges.

After Orbit One completes a circle of rotation, it leaves a smooth edge on the side of the can rim. You can even reuse the lid as a cover to put it back on the can if you have leftovers. The edges are not just smooth, but absolutely safe to touch – No danger of the lid falling into cans or having lids semi-stuck on the edges – your hands are safe from taking food out.

Lifts off the Whole Lid Smoothly


Have you ever wrestled with can lids and got your hands dripping wet with sauce? Orbit One is only a click away from providing the solution. With Orbit One, everyone can cook in a safe and clean environment! You don’t get any more sauces or liquid on your hands, and your meal stays clear and away from the removed lid! We simplify can opening to be as easy as clicking a Start button.


The Orbit One is a portable kitchen tool that’s made to be readily used by all ages, including those with weaker hands due to arthritis and those without the strength to manually open cans. With Orbit One, you can rediscover your love for cooking and spending time with your loved ones by turning everyday meal preparation into a game! It is possible for anybody.

Orbit One includes two types of changeable bent blades and now most types and sizes of cans are accessible and can be opened in just one click. We made sure to count all the sizes in! Orbit One is all inclusive, even regular round cans and rectangular cans are easy to open. Orbit One opens Extra Large Size No. 10 (diameter 15 cm) cans and more.

Whilst there are so many shapes and sizes of cans out there, Orbit One has you covered with just one single gadget. Whether it’s round shaped tuna or corn cans, or your rectangular lunch meat cans, Orbit One can do it!

If you’re wondering how Orbit One does the trick, it comes with 2 types of blades designed to cut lids and rims smoothly and make sure it’s safe for delicate fingers!

Easy To Assemble


If you run out of battery in Orbit One, don’t panic! With this version, Orbit One uses rechargeable batteries to encourage longer-lasting and more sustainable use. The can opener just has to be recharged with a USB-C charger after use to be ready for another meal.

Step-1  Place Orbit One on the lid of your can.

Step-2  Press the button on top to start. Watch or dance whilst Orbit One rotates around the lid.

Step-3  When Orbit One finishes rotating, take Orbit One and the lid off the can.

Step-4  Your homemade dish is ready in just a few seconds!

Epic One Multifunction Opener is a clever gadget for opening various items and helping you. A multi-purpose opener opens beer bottles, water bottles, jars, pull-tab cans, and soda cans. The parrot decor is both functional and entertaining, as well as a fridge magnet! YES YOU CAN easily take a pick, make your life epic!

Just opened a can with your new electric opener? It’s time to scoop out every bit effortlessly! Introducing our versatile set of two different-sized jar & can spatulas, crafted to meet all your cooking and baking needs. Jar Spatula comes in two colors, teal and red.

Made from flexible silicone, these spatulas are perfect for scrapping every last drop of jams, jellies, peanut butter, and more. Their curved, thin heads easily navigate tight corners, while the long handles offer a comfortable grip, ensuring you can reach every bit at the bottom of your jars and cans.

We took months to design and remodel our prototype, making sure that in this generation, our Kitchen Mama Orbit One can opener fits all the odd shapes and sizes that our first generation didn’t venture. After the design in style and prototype was finalized, we proceeded with extensive testing, checking that the patent bend blades met our goals and that the batteries were long lasting and sustainable. Our refinement procedure was based on user feedback and functional testing as we hope to bring all users a comfortable, transformative experience.

Designing & Modeling the Orbit One Prototype

Demo Video

We’ve included a video of our prototype to show you what Kitchen Mama Orbit One can do.

Initially, we fixed the blade into the can’s rim by placing Orbit One on it. When we first click the button on Orbit One, it begins to rotate while slicing through the can. Orbit One comes to a stop on its own when the can’s lid is effortlessly removed. At last, we remove Orbit One from the can together with the lid! We just swap out the bent blade for the second size and repeat the procedure for the larger No. 10 sized can!

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